Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I have returned.

"Hello!" (said in my best Kate Winslet cry looking for Jack, stuck in the belly of the Titanic)

"Is anybody out there!" (echo, echo echo).

Has your winter been like this? Mine has.

One of my favorite people in the world asked me the other day if I was ever going to blog again. Which, I've been thinking about it, yes, but sometimes my life is boring, even to me, so I can't imagine boring you guys. But here I am, in all my boring glory.

Snow angel made an appearance in the front yard. 

Last year I was in full training early January. Since I finished Ironman back in August I promised myself that I would allow sleeping in and for the fact that I'm a regular human being to set in. The only thing I haven't allowed myself to do is gain weight from eating crappy. Ok, maybe 4-5 lbs. Other than that, if I want to sit on the couch instead of riding my bike, well then, I sit on the couch with the kids and curl up, watch a movie....and not from the seat of my bike. Although, those days are about to end at some point soon. It's one of the best feelings in the world to have a completed Ironman in life's rear view mirror.

So, I have a few things on the plate this year. I want to run a sub 2 half. I'm working on it now. I know a lot of you follow me on Instagram and can watch the progress. I'm not naturally gifted as a runner. My first ever 5K was 40 minutes and that was me doing something that resembled running. That was only 6 years ago. My fastest has been 25 minutes, that was 2 years ago. When I started incorporating cycling and swimming into my life, I let my running goals fall to the side. I didn't really care how fast I went, just as long as I was running.

Me, attempting to get faster. The husband riding the bike in front of me. Faster damn it, faster.

But, now I'm getting older and everything hurts all over a little bit more than it use to. With that said, I feel like I want to make one final push to see what I have in the tank. Give myself every chance to succeed. If I don't make sub 2, that's ok. Not ok but ok, you know what I mean. What I do see (for me) that's even more promising is a marathon PR on the horizon. I think I have all the right ingredients to run a great marathon.

Anyway, if you're on Instagram, there's a running challenge put on by this guy called @Oldguyrunning. You can choose your level of monthly miles to run. I started this month since my miles on schedule fall in that range. It's kinda fun because you can troll the hashtags of everyone and see their running photos from each mileage pool. It always inspires me to get up and get going. I totally wish had t-shirts, the guy has a good thing going he definitely could build on. Each level has a name with a logo like "Tin Man", "Big Foot". Check it out.


  1. Welcome back! That's a great goal! I too wanted to hit a sub 2 hr. 1/2 but I need to wait until I get back into shape. Good luck!

  2. Well hello there pot, it's your friend kettle. LOL. I wonder who told you, you should blog again - because I'm soooo good about it myself :)

    I like the Instagram challenge. So much I might actually think about using instagram..we shall see I've said that before.

  3. I will have to check that out, what are you on instagram, do I follow you, if not I need to.

    Welcome back, sounds like you have enjoyed your time off!

  4. Hey I remember you! Welcome back!

  5. The blogosphere hasn't been the same without you. Welcome back!

  6. Welcome back. I love the "going to the store photo" but I am in FL and it has been HOT AS HECK this winter.


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