Wednesday, December 4, 2013

When the word "ain't" collides with an English degree and other stuff.....

I was debating on whether or not to write about this but heck, why not.

Ok, so we all remember high school right? The good, the bad and the ugly. When I was growing up, we moved quite often so it was nearly a new high school each year for me. I had friends come and go all up and down the east coast. Some schools were easier to adapt to than others. I think we've all had different experiences, but for me, I don't miss high school. I enjoyed maybe two out of the four years. Why? I don't like drama, at all. I'm the very least dramatic person you will find, UNLESS there is something crazy happening during one of my swims (like a very large fish that resembles a shark underneath me) or maybe if I've fallen during one of my runs (as happened recently) and am streaming blood off my knee caps. THEN, there's drama, which normally appears in the form of large crocodile tears or a scream. Screams normally jut happen in the lake. Post Shark Week.

Anyway, my daughter has been having a rough time recently at school. There was someone who was bullying her. I didn't want it to go on any longer so I sent his mother a nice text message asking if she could possibly speak with her son and have him just not talk to her at all. Problem solved? We had a nice exchange of messages but the next day, the teasing and bullying got worse. Much worse. So, I went to the principles office, etc. Then later that evening, some other people on social media made me aware that she had turned into "that person" on Facebook and Twitter. She went and used the most colorful language possible to describe the way she felt about me for getting her son in trouble. Extremely colorful. I know it's fun to watch that kinda thing play out on Facebook and Twitter. It's amusing at first..... and then what's funny, turns into pity. How could people be so dumb? Right out in front of everyone? I didn't respond in any way. It wouldn't be a fair fight but the next day "we" (parents and children) had to all meet face to face in the principles office.

What is the takeaway you ask? How did it go? I sat quietly, just listening to the ruckus, wondering to myself, just how many times can the word "ain't" be used in a sentence? Is the sky the actual limit on double negatives??

For example... "my boy ain't never gonna speak with her again." "I ain't never gonnalow (I've merged two words together) that". Again and again and again. I so badly wanted to raise my hand and play grammar police. I wanted to clear my throat and say "I believe the phrase you were searching for was...".

When people use excessive bad grammar, it feels like something like this. 

Do you have the same issues when you hear our English language being destroyed? 

Have you seen people people lose their sanity on Twitter or Facebook?

**In Unrelated News**

I finally was able to take all of my Christmas tree ornaments out of hiding. I love Christmas. It's absolutely my favorite time of year! I love to mismatch on the tree when decorating as well. I've thought about buying a standard set of matching glass balls, etc. but there's something fun about wandering into a store and just picking out a random bird or penguin and taking it home to put on the tree. My clothes hardly ever match so it's not as if I can expect my tree too. 

My daughter started running again. It was 80% her idea, 20% mine. I want her to do it because it's what she wants and not what I want. A few years ago she use to run 5K's with me. Quite a few. She was winning her age group at times but she fessed up and told me that she didn't like running that fast and wanted to take a break. I was ok with that. Running is a long journey in life. It's been 2 years since then and she seems ready to hit the road again. Makes me smile. This time I want to leave her alone and let her do her thing, find her own way. Next week is her first 5K after that long break. I'll be waiting at the finish cheering her on! 

Karen, my oldest child and me


Merry Christmas to me! 


  1. 1.) Its parents like that which made me not want to go into teaching
    2.) My ornaments mis match, i agree- how unoriginal to get a bunch of balls (although I do smaller ones for "fillers"
    3.) HUGE congrats on guaranteed entry :)

  2. Oh man, southern grammar is so fun!

    I feel so bad for your daughter, but way to go standing up for her!! I hope things get better for her despite the kid and his crazy mom!

  3. Bad grammar makes me crazy. At work, there are several people who use the 'word' 'orientated' all the time....they do not believe me that is not a word. I just keep my mouth shut now.

    I'm sorry your daughter is having a hard time at school. I hope it improves.

  4. I'm liking that early Christmas present of yours!

  5. that is so ridiculous, i'm sorry that you and your daughter had to deal with that nonsense. tell her to kick him in the balls ;) on a side note, i need your email address for the sock swap!

  6. Why is the word "ain't" never spoken except in the south? I never seem to hear that word except in SEC football press conferences lol

  7. Dont get me going..
    I ain't never gunna go dare

  8. Yea, your race report was awesome! That is great that your son likes the 49ers, he should have been at that game on Monday, that was one of the best games in a while. The 49ers are indeed peaking at the right time, I think they could match up with anyone in the league right now. Hopefully Seattle loses and we can get a bye and a home playoff game, otherwise I think they will throttle either the NFC North champ or your Philly Eagles lol

  9. That 49ers game was indeed crazy! So tense throughout. Really could have gone either way. If the GB guy holds onto that INT in the 4th quarter, the Packers likely win the game. Hoping that Saints upset the Seahawks, and 49ers beat the Panthers, so 49ers host the NFC title game! I think the 49ers can beat the Panthers, since Crabtree is now healthy, and he wasn't healthy the last time the Niners played Panthers in Nov. Will be a struggle, but 49ers get it done. And awesome that your son is a 49ers fan! He is in for a wild ride just like the last 2 years lol

    Wild Eagles game too, wow. I somehow went 4-0 on my picks, but 3 of those games could have gone either way.

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