Tuesday, November 19, 2013

24601 (sang in my best Hugh Jackman voice)

 Jean Val Jean wanted an answer and as I begin to approach 40, so do I. I know something funny is going on because I’m asking myself all sorts of questions that I never asked before. I’ve reverted back to wearing Converse shoes on a regular basis and I’m taking care of my skin as if it’s the renovation of the Sistine Chapel. I refuse to look like a Sharpei.
I already have Grinch smile lines.

I’m officially declaring it a mid-life happening. Crisis is what’s used in airport terminology or when someone has a gun. There are no guns or airplanes in my story. So it’s to be called “the happening”. Wait? Is that a horror movie title?

I’m a mother of 3, who lives in hooded sweatshirts, Nike tops, compression socks, my Ironman jacket and North Face beanies. I make no apologies. I’ve officially reached the winter of training and I’ve sat around, no fewer than 5 times with a pen in hand, hovering over lined paper, trying to map out what it is exactly I want to do next year? I’ve run so many half marathons, so many marathons (half, not super successfully time wise). I’ve conquered the 70.3 and this year, the Ironman. I don’t want to do an ultra. So what DO I want to do?

A.      I still want to run a sub 2 half marathon. I can smell it so I might as well try.

B.      Sadly I don’t have much interest in the marathon anymore. I have NYC next year and I think that’s a heck of a way to say goodbye to 26.2.

C.      I love trails and trail running. It’s just way more fun than pavement.

D.      I love swimming. If I had to pack a bag to go to the gym, it would be my swim bag 9 times outta 10.

E.       I’m also going to get a kayak in the spring, maybe one for the kids too. The one I have now is a loaner. I’ve even found a paddle and run race that involves kayaking and trail running. THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!

F.       I almost talked myself out of signing up for the lottery to swim across the Chesapeake Bay. I somehow had convinced myself that I might not be good enough. Then I watched “The Other Shore” last night while on the trainer. Of course I’m good enough! I can time qualify! I have qualified already, I just need to be brave and train hard.

So, for now, this is where I am…

December – Otter Creek 16 miler on the trails.  I’m secretly hoping for snow. Or a light snow for the sake of nostalgia.

January – March (undecided)..might go back to Indiana for a trail race. It starts at night, headlamps and disco balls, my kind of night.

April – Ky Derby half Marathon (try for sub 2)

May – Head back to Knoxville for Rev3 70.3 and try to beat my time from last year. It was my worst race ever. Yes, the water was 59 degrees and it was a downpour the entire race but I’m hoping for better weather this time. Loved the course. Super difficult.

Paddle / Run Trail Race (Indiana)

June – Chesapeake Bay Swim (if I win a lottery spot)

November – NYC Marathon

So I ask….Is race planning easy for you?? It’s winter, I know we’re all planning. But what are your big goals for 2014? Are you leaving behind some things that you just don’t have your heart into anymore??


  1. I usually fly by the seat of my pants with race planning. I mean, I usually pick one big one, but then the rest I just sign up for last minute and hope for the best.

  2. In my personal opinion, it seems that we make a list of distances or times we want to conquer and go out and conquer them. Once your list has been successfully checked off, it seems people just do what they want and just want to have fun while doing it. Having fun should always be the #1 goal.

  3. I'll see you in NYC, my friend! There's a mountain bike, kayak, trail run here in June that has my name on it....except the Caveman gave away my mountain bike.

  4. There is a run bike paddle race in Montana in April that is very fun, but I suppose that is pretty far to travel! I usually just plan my races around whatever is local since my travel budge is very limited, sad story.

  5. i feel like i didn't do anything this year because my spring 26.2 seems forever ago. and i feel like i dragged the whole rest of the year. i want to race the two 30k trail races again, hey there's idea, come to NC for a trail race!! and maybe some mountain biking!

  6. Where's the very important "race with Michael" on thay list. :)

  7. I think I have 2 goals for next year. Beat Oprah in the spring (<4:29) & 70.3. I am hoping they are compatible. Other than that...more trail time and just fun.

  8. I feel like we are in the same boat!! I've done a couple of marathons, multiple half marathons, 70.3 and 140.6?? What else is there to do, since a double iron is not way to crazy. :)

    I'm now mulling over what I want to put on the race calendar and do next year. The only thing for sure is, I would love to run the Chicago marathon again---so much fun!