Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Goals. Trying to kick a PR between the uprights.

I've officially hit the off season for running and training but the work season is definitely on. In a big way.

The horses get to sleep all they want (like this poor fellow) but for me, it's on my feet or at my desk either on the phone or pushing mountains of paperwork around all day long. This is also the time of year where I have at least one panic attack in the middle of the night, because at 2 am I seem to believe that I've misplaced something in that large mountain of paper.
And if I'm not with the horses, I'm thinking about running and "what does it all mean?" Isn't that what we do in the winter? You sit around, revisiting the races of the past year, analyzing and picking apart every good and bad run. If you're not, I'll have what you're having because I'm totally in that spot. I'm obsessing over the boyfriend known as running.
In other's that and mulling over my Ironman tattoo that I still haven't gotten yet. Good news is I have the design ready and the spot, just haven't made the plunge. Soon.
So, with that said, I figured that I would come to my little corner of the internet and make a proclamation.
 In 2014, I want to PR my half marathon and marathon time. I would enjoy a 5 - 10 minute slice into each of those which is completely doable but it'll take some seriously unpleasant moments on hills, at the track and also down through my local main street where I've nearly barfed on at least 5 occasions. Nearly, but I've kept it classy, it hasn't actually happened.  It's also not trying if you don't think your heart might explode. Right? Please say that you thought your chest might explode in at least one 5K. If not, maybe I should see a physician. Just kidding. Kinda.
I wish that I were one of the genetically blessed by I'm not. I have to work hard for every minute I cut. It's never been easy but it's always been rewarding when I get it right. I might possibly look like a giraffe but I want to be the big goofy giraffe that PR'd.

Part of my leaving behind my old times is leaving behind my 10 minute runs. They're necessary still sometimes but they won't be a part of my long term diet like they were before. This small run above wasn't easy. Not nearly as easy as I wanted it to be. But I tried hard and my heart didn't explode.
Anybody else out there wanna do something a little better in 2014?? 


  1. 5K are like death to me....I hate them and I don't know why I still sign up for a few every year...
    2014...I want to be injured better and also cover 26.2... It will be my best one for sure...cuz it will be número I am sure of having one PR in 2014... Well first I need to find the courage to sign up... :)

  2. You'll get both of those PR's, and I agree with Caroline ... I HATE 5K's!!! I have one in about a week that I'm gonna try to PR at and I'm already dreading it. Yes, my heart feels like its gonna explode.

  3. i want to PR my half time in 2014... probably should get on that speedwork train ;)

  4. I want to PB at Mooloolaba, and run a marathon!

  5. Go get those goals girl! I have barfed repeatedly at 5ks. Go hard or go home, right? I think my PRs are behind me (maybe kind of) I'd just like to reclaim a sub-2 half and arrive at the NYCM starting line healthy and trained.

  6. I want to see this tattoo design!!

  7. Last sprint tri I did I treated like a 5k. It hurt and I was more sore after it than I was after an Olympic I tried to PR a week later. I PR'd the sprint and figure if I didn't have a heart attack, my heart must be ok :-).

    For 2014 I'm toying with running my first 26.2.

  8. While I would LOVE a big PR in the half next year I think my bigger goal is to not be sidelined by injuries so much. Good luck with your awesome goals!!

  9. 5K's make me want to die...I don't even know why I ever run them. & I want that big PR too....seriously, breaking 4:30 in the marathon and 2 hours in the half is starting to seem impossible. But I'm going to try yet again. And while I am no where near being able to leave the 10's behind, I am going to have to leave the 11's behind and make 10:30 my easy pace. This winter is going to be work!

    As if this wasn't enough, I'm toying with 70.3 for 2014...

    And just so you know, I know so little about horses that I once saw one lying down in the field with his legs locked straight out while I was biking and I had to call a friend to see if this was normal or if I should go knock on a farmers door! City girl....