Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Therapy, if I could afford it, I would receive it.

So, at the encouraging of my friends, I've decided to come back and blog again. It's been over a month I think. I was trying really, really hard to never post again, but alas, here I am. Bad grammar and all.

Where have I been? Training. For Ironman Wisconsin. Yep, nothing has gone wrong, in fact, many things are going right. So far I'm still churning out 13-14 hour weeks while maintaining sanity and the ability to feed my children and make sure their teeth are brushed. They may not bath but those teeth better be brushed and flossed. I'll look back on this one day and realize that I was bad ass. That or minus a few sandwiches to my picnic basket.
Mountain biking in my yard. Variety is the spice of life. So I hear. 

One of the main reasons I took off from writing is that Ironman (you a-hole) has been mentally taxing on me. I have zero problem with training and putting in the endless hours BUT there are so many other things that I'm struggling with. For one, I hate the unknown. Unlike a marathon, where you can put in all the miles and your worst case scenario is walking to the finish, an Ironman isn't so forgiving. There are so many factors that can end your day in a split second and for me, the control freak, I completely loath the idea that I can train like Rocky to punch out that Russian guy, yet find myself face down with a DNF. Why do I have these thoughts? These negative thoughts? Because I'm an only child with an active imagination.

So now, part of my daily training is to chill the **** out. But the last thing that I wanted to do was to sit around every day writing about how I felt like a basket case every time I swam up a river because I felt a dead body was going to surface. Plus, we've all seen Jaws. I'm not afraid, I just hate that I can't see anything. Probably for the best. I'm sure the bottom of the lake is one big CSI episode waiting to happen.

The shark bit me but then I swam away really fast. 

Anyway, let's talk mechanics, literally mechanics.

I had a set of aero bars installed on my road bike. How did I feel about that? I felt horrible and I hope no one thinks less of me because in many ways, these bars are defacing an object that I see as perfect "as is." I'm a road bike girl, period. But, at the same time, I wanted a way to relax my lower back and beat the wind occasionally.

It was like putting pajamas on a cat

or putting clothes on E.T.

Anyhow, last weekend I took my bike out on the Ironman Louisville course and although I was only able to use the aero bars on the flats, I thought they helped me rest when I wanted to. The best part was that last year, I averaged 16 mph on that hilly course and this year I was able to get up to 16.5 over the same distance. My last 15 miles were as fast as my first 15 and those middle miles were just filled with ugly climbs.

Well, that's my story, for now anyway. I go back this weekend for more self-flagellation, better known as the "build phase" of Ironman training. More river swimming and Ironman Louisville bike course riding. Maybe some running. Maybe I'll poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick and just stay at home? We'll see.


  1. Ironman scares me and I have no plans to train for one ever. i love reading about other people who are crazy enough to do it though. :)

  2. That's what the bars are for.... rest.
    Wisconsin is technical (lots of turns) so you may not use them a lot
    It is all about the bike... that should be focus point 1. You said it.... you can walk the marathon if you have to.... hard to do that with a bike

  3. Oh! IM Wisconsin! Got ya. That's going to be so awesome!! I don't know why I forgot what you were training for.

    I bet you'll get used to those aerobars. They take some time, but it is totally worth it with the speed you'll pick up without pedaling any harder. They aren't as comfortable as they look, right? :)

    Good luck with all the training!

  4. I've missed you! IMWI? Hmmmm....not too far from me. May have to come up and cheer. The caveman put aerobars on my roadbike eons ago. Not that I'd ever know what to do with them. I think I dared use them twice.

  5. I think blogging sucks the life out of me anymore; I just can't seem to write anything that doesn't sound retarded and/or takes up 4 hours for me to write. And reading...well, I have about 10 blogs I can read anymore because this training thing hogs up all my time. it's so hard to be Wonder-Woman all the time, isn't it?

    As for the aerobars, I got those for my road bike when I started "training" (or lack thereof)for Boise. I am not a cyclist...I hate cycling and I am super sucky at it. But I have to tell you, I felt the most comfortable ever on the bike after I rode in the aero position - my back just loved this spot more than upright. I was never faster, but I definitely felt better. Hopefully they work well for you.

  6. The aero bars are heaven on your back and arms and shoulders for long rides.

    Regarding your training, you are definitely bad ass.

    PS. I'm jealous you are doing a full IM this year. So while this is a PITA at times for you, others wish their life situation would allow them to go through IM training issues.

  7. Several things....
    I don't think anyone has EVER claimed you were mentally stable. IM training or not.

    Aerobars are the best. You're not a purist of the sport. Embrace them. Love them.

    The "mentally taxing" part (your 2nd paragraph) is exactly what we all go through....and it gets worse the closer to race day. Just an FYI.

  8. Ironman scares you....well is scary!
    Do you follow the run like a mothers gals? Maybe Dimity story will give you the I can do this for sure vibes.... You can do this
    Believe it.

  9. your ability to push yourself to these new places and do it with your sense of humor... you're pretty much amazing. i've missed you friend!