Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump.

This past weekend was my daughters annual state swim meet in Ashland, KY. She loves swimming and although this year wasn't her best, she still had a pretty good showing, finishing 7th state wide in the 100 yard breaststroke. Not too shabby.

The two hour ride there consisted of "hey mom, watch this Harlem Shake video!" I've seen almost the entire YouTube collection of them. Most are horrible. The only one worth of a good laugh is the one that the University of Georgia swim team did, where they put the entire table and chair set at the bottom of the pool

I was having some anxiety about being separated from my bike, so I packed it too. I had a 2 hour ride to get done on Sunday and there was no way I was going to do that on a spin bike. Why? Because half the fun of a two hour ride is playing pretend hill climbing with my gears! 

We also played "gotcha". It's where you take someone's photo without them knowing. Maybe it's just the game that she and I play but I walked away the victor on Friday. She would also kill me if she knew I posted this. Too bad teenager. Too bad. 

Once we got to the pool, it was time for me to go to work. Parents are trained monkeys as timers and back-up timers. Two hours of stopwatch fun and recording my findings onto a spreadsheet. Good thing I went to college. 

My Sunday ride with the Sufferfest videos. My poor kid was subjected to crawling under the covers for two hours while the box fan went to work on high. I've had about three people ask me in a trivial manner "did you really pack your own box fan?" The answer is, yes. I packed my box fan. Dedication or crazy. It's one or the other. 

So, I have a question....

When I travel for some things, I scour the internet to find hotels that have the best reviews for the cheapest price. When we go to Ashland I always put us up in the Days Inn. It's the nicest dump around. Does that make sense? My daughter just hates it. For me, it's fine and the tv works. Now, when we go on vacation, we stay at four and five star resorts. I just hate blowing money on a room that we're going to trash up for two nights?

What's your hotel policy? 

Have you ever traveled with something bizarre like a box fan? 


  1. I am a priceline freak when it comes to hotels (Name my own price). Then my credit card points usually pays for the hotel! I am all about staying in 3.5+ hotels at all times. Especially after our Steelhead 70.3 IM trip in 2011 - only thing around close to the start was a Red Roof Inn....All I can say, is that we went to Wal-Mart purchased plastic chairs and set outside (b/c the rooms were so bad!) while we were actually at the DUMP!
    I don't travel with a box fan, but I do travel with my NurtiBullet so we can make our smoothies.

  2. She did awesome! Yeah I agree with you on the hotel. The only time I travel nice is when work is paying...

  3. Not too shabby at all--7th in state is fantastic! I love that you brought your bike....and fan! My hotel policy is The Caveman takes care of it. He used to work in the hotel industry so knows all about cool properties and he's not nearly as cheap as I.
    So glad you're in for Chicago!!

  4. You know I had to go watch that harlem shake video. Who's the crazy person in a sleeping bag at the bottom of a pool?!?! Awesome!

    I've scoured hotels so much that I've now made my first stop when looking for places to stay. It's a site listing people's extra rooms, apartments, or vacation homes for rent. It can be CHEAP compared to any hotel room. I'm the same as you; as long as it meets my needs, I don't care if you have a continental breakfast. Most of the time I'm out the door before your cooking staff wake up and I don't want to eat your sweets and coffee anyways. Haha

  5. umm don't forget about the guy in the sleeping bag in the swim harlem shake?!?!

    i generally stay in hotels for races, so something i look for is a free hot tub!!!

    otherwise location is big in regards to if its walking distance to race etc. Price is a factor, but its not necessarily the first think i'm going for

  6. We stayed in a truly awful hotel when we went to MI for my brother's wedding, but my parents paid, so I couldn't complain too much, right?

    We generally stay at Hampton Inns because they aren't too pricey, they're nice, and have amazing free breakfasts.

  7. I'm really impressed that you took your bike to do your workouts. I totally would have just made an excuse that it wasn't easy and left it at home. Good for you!

    I love the "gotcha" game, and I'll have to start it with Jennifer! :)

  8. That is dedication. I'm usually limited to swimming and running when we go on vacation. Although I'm going to have to get creative in traveling with the bike this year.

    I'm happy with any dump for a hotel, but living with 3 girls means my vote usually doesn't count. We end up staying better hotels. A lot of times its a Courtyard since I have some points there.

  9. 7th in state and it's a down year? wow she is talented.

    And yea the Harlem Shake has just gone overkill - the Georgia swim one was awesome!

  10. wow, tell your daughter great job!!

    and i have the same hotel policy. especially if it's for a running thing that i'm dragging us to. but the last two hotels i chose for us have been DUMPS and brad says he's not letting me pick any more :)

  11. Nice job to your daughter - yahoo!! I am laughing at the box fan, but only because I could see me doing that, too. I need me some sufferfest vids though, I just watch House Hunters and tend to space out and suddenly I'm going 4mph. Opps.

    Hotels. I am trying to find the cheapest yet nicest place for a couple days over spring break...why hotels 3x the price just cuz it's spring break drives me crazy. Like when I ran Boston - 5x. I think kids need to learn that you can't always have luxury (at least my kids do).

  12. congrats on the kid! and I love that pic...I think I would be pretty mad at you if you were my mom posting are brave

    hotels....oh I am one cheap gal let me tell Bill is in charge usually...and I pretend I dont know the rates...

    when I travel..I now have to bring ALL my food if I want to eat and it sucks!

  13. so dedicated, I love it!! And does your daughter have on a bourbon hoodie? LOL. Ummm, there is no method to any of my plan making madness.

  14. You are the sweetest ever. I saw that you put in an entry for my for the PROcompression socks over at Three Times a Charm. I won them, not off your entry, but I am still surprised and loving that you did that,, so a big fat thanks! I do love those socks. I wear them all the time even to work.

    Great job to your daughter at the state swim meet that is pretty awesome! I watched a few Harlem Shakes but I think I maxed out after three. I guess I am getting old. HA!