Thursday, March 15, 2012

A cyclists potty mouth

I'm such a lucky girl. I get to spend the greater part of my days roaming around with horses. Baby horses. If you're wondering, they're much like big dogs. They have super fun personalities and love to play. Some are much friendlier than others and oddly enough, it's usually the fillies that have much more adventurous personalities than the colts.

Monkey cycling socks. Check.

Achilles, get in the car! And don't forget to put your shoes on!

Anyway, it was a great day to be out with them in the sunshine. All I could think about was my bike ride coming up last night. I was so excited for my first ride of the season with the Bluegrass Cycling Club. They're my extended biking family! Since it's recovery week I decided to sit back with the C pace group on a 21 mile ride. We're suppose to average between 12 - 15 mph. About 2 miles in I found myself at the front of the group and easily doing that. I rode all the way out to the turn around point and met a guy from the group to ride back with. He and I averaged between 17-18 mph on the return ride and the time FLEW BY. We talked about all the century rides he's done and I could have listened for another 20 miles. I think the fact that we formed our own little pace line helped us get back home much quicker. I'm still a cycling rookie so that's my best guess. If 56 miles could only fly by as fast!

In the last 5 miles of our ride we had a dog come racing out from it's home to chase us. At first it kinda came out, then it started barking and high tailing it after us. Barking and coming up on my left. I turned around and swore at it like a sailor.

"You get your ugly ass home you prick of a dog! NOW!!!!!!"

Not language that the Humane Society would condone.

I turned to my right and was greeted with a somewhat stunned look by my new friend. The dog did quit chasing us but I had swearer's remorse. I was a little scared but maybe the idea of being bit by a dog makes me wanna spout obscenities?? Dunno.

Got back to the car. I had A.) had a great ride and B.) filled the swear jar all in one day.

What tops a day off?? Finding FunDip under your car seat to snack on for the drive home!


  1. Hahaha if the Humane Society caught some of my language I think they would start doing house checks on me and my dog! I love her, but sometimes I swear she exists just to piss me off :)

  2. Sometimes you have to lay down the law to get a dog to listen lol.

  3. I find that cursing at dogs is highly effective. There is one dog on my street who I often tell "You back to your f-ing house you little piece of shit!" and he listens. My neighbors love me.

  4. FunDip never loses it's magic. Never!

    And I wish swearing would get rid of the dogs in my 'hood. I guess I need to use a more forceful voice on 'em...

  5. I was super sad when I moved to Kentucky and had to face the fact that everyone doesn't automatically get horses when you move here. So now I'm jealous of your horsey fun :) Sometimes dogs just bring the potty mouth out of us!

  6. WHAT is Fun Dip?

    Love the monkey socks!!

    I work with truckers (literally) so I have a wicked potty mouth. I try dial it back for sure, but it is crazy!!

  7. Oh gosh...if I had a nickel for every time I cursed at a dog (or a dog owner) when I was on a run...I'd be a billionaire. Seriously.

    I love getting into a workout next to someone more experienced who wants to share their knowledge. I ran a marathon with a guy who had run over 200 marathons...the time FLEW BY!

  8. i'm so jealous that you get to hang with horses all day!

  9. I do not blame you one bit for cussing at the dog. That exact thing happened to me on my ride yesterday.
    Yay for horses and for Fun Dip!