Monday, January 23, 2012

NFL Sunday, best in pajamas

I said goodbye to Friday with the intentions of having some sort of easy day on either Saturday or Sunday. The only two training items I had were a one hour run on Saturday and a one hour bike on Sunday. Cake walk. I'm in week 5 of 70.3 and so far, so good. Well, kinda. I'll explain later...

Anyway, Saturday, my oldest had a swim meet and I volunteered to time Lap 1 of the event so I was able to snap this crisp pic, brought to you by the fine folks at Apple. She's the one in the black suit with the black cap. I smile every time I watch her swim. Being closer to the center lane means you have the fastest time for that event going in. Fun swim meet facts for your Monday.

I got in my one hour run before the meet started. I could practically pitch a tent at the Y. Plus, there's plenty of room in the main lobby.

Afterward it was over I came home and took a nap. One of those kind where you drool all over the place. My muscles were twitching big time so I knew that my legs were tired and needed a break.

Slept in on Sunday and took a stand against getting ready or joining civilization. I wore my pajamas the entire day! I only changed into my bike shorts for my afternoon ride. In the house. While watching football. Just like Burger King, yesterday I had it my way!

My loyal steed laying at the foot of my bike.

I wanna be able to balance myself on the bike like a tight rope. My ultimate goal is to be able to do a handstand on it. Go ahead and laugh. My husband does.

A special thanks to:

First and foremost, Google images. Way to go. Such clear pictures.

Secondly, to the Patriots who made my living room bike ride that much more enjoyable. Chest bump to a pay raise.

Third, to the Giants, who managed to hire a kicker who can actually get the football through the uprights from throwing distance. Way to go Gstrings. I mean GMen. I was practically holding my eyelids open at the end because the game took so long... but I was happy they won. I hope they beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. I hope Victor Cruz scores each and every touchdown so I can watch him dance because I firmly believe that all Super Bowl games would be better with some Latin dancing in the end zone. Even if it does result in a 5 yard penalty.

Today is suppose to be my day off but I feel like swimming. And so I will.

Did you watch the games yesterday? Who's your pick?


  1. I can't wait to see all of the outtake photos when you practice your handstands :)

  2. Go Giants. Indianpolis is a Giants town for the next two weeks, can't have tom brady winning a super bowl in the house the Peyton built.

  3. I am not laughing! I hope you nail that tightrope bike handstand :) and that's awesome that your daughter swims too. Do you ever go together?? and please don't hate me but I know nothing of football....unless you're talking british and we're talking soccer ;) sorry. But I'm glad it made your indoor cycle go by fast :)

  4. Pics or it didn't happen..:)) Just don't fall and break a leg eh?

  5. Last year was my 1st year of swim meets & do you know what I loved best????? Being freakin' WARM while watching my kid compete! No kidding. Up until then, my boys have only run XC, track & played hockey (at an outdoor rink)....dry & warm, yeah I'll take that ;-D

  6. Confession: I could not possibly care less about football. I do watch the Super Bowl because of bribery with finger foods and funny commercials.

    I'm a basketball fan myself- the games seem so much shorter!!!!

  7. I absolutely love all day pajama days. My SIL showed up the other day while I was in my PJs in the middle of the day and asked if I was sick. I was like...hello??? Nooooo! I'm just cozy and happy :-)

  8. I dated a swimmer in high school, he had such a great body :) I watched both games yesterday and thought they were both fun to watch although none of them were teams I am crazy about

  9. i have to see this handstand!! we had a PJ day yesterday too! i am finally feeling better, thanks for asking. so happy to be able run with out sounding like I have TB.

  10. I guess I'd rather see the Giants win too.

    BTW, I thought only guys could pitch tents at the Y, or anywhere else for that matter. Sorry, couldn't resist.

  11. "I wore my pajamas all day"....

    :) AWESOME.
    Love it............

  12. "My ultimate goal is to be able to do a handstand on it. Go ahead and laugh. My husband does"

    So your husband can do a handstand on a bike?

  13. One of my favorite things about swimming was having my dad volunteer at the meets - hope your daughter's enjoying it just as much!

  14. Full days in jammies are the BEST!

    And yay for your daughter! You must be a proud momma!