Tuesday, January 3, 2012

10 Miler Race Recap and ING NYC, here we go again

Me and the girls warming up before heading out to run in the wind tunnel.

Well, I started off 2012 in the exact same fashion as I started off 2011. Running the Hangover Classic 10 miler in Louisville. Last year there were only three of us and this year we arrived filing out of a mini van like Who's to the town square. I love to race and travel in big groups. I guess you could say that I'm genetically made for ragnar racing.

This was my friend Tami's first ever 10 miler. I've been so excited for her. She's been ready for over a month now, I think a race is just a matter of making it official. We did a 9 miler together four days before the race and I really didn't think much of it but each day leading up until the race I could feel my quads aching. They felt like a cat had climbed up into my lap and used the top of my legs as a scratching post..after that same cat had beat them with a small baseball bat that cats use for hitting runners legs. WTF? I didn't want to let her down by holding her back so I knew that I had to run hard and suck it up.

The gun went off and about .5 in I saw that we were cruising at 8:30 per mile. My breathing was fine and I felt ok but the quads were sooo tight. I pulled back a bit and set our pace at 9:10. We ran the entire race this way until the last four miles when we shaved it down to a 9:07 overall with a finish time of 1:32. I was so thrilled for her and happy to have a new and just barely 10 mile PR but without a doubt I knew I could do better. It just wasn't my day.

Me and Julia!

I wanted to stop at mile 4 and every single mile after that. I turned on the bargaining tool in my running brain. I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. Just one more mile, one more song. Stopping wasn't an option and although I was in a lot of pain, I realized that it wasn't mile 23 pain. I wanted so badly to start quickening up around mile 6 but I just didn't have it in me. Not to mention the 30 mph winds that we were running straight into for the first five miles. I'm pretty sure it had to be the toughest race I've ever run mentally. On the sunny side, my IT Band didn't blow out like it did last year. Much to be thankful for.

Why does it seem that I would prefer to win a spot into the NYC Marathon than the actual gas station lottery? Sick right?

So, came home, took a hot shower, crawled into bed and watched football with the kids. Woke up the next day and did what 100,000 other people found themselves doing on Jan 2nd...entering the ING NYC Marathon lottery at noon. I can sit here and say that I want to be picked so badly but that doesn't do justice to the fact that I really wanna be picked. From the bottom of my running heart I wanna be picked. I don't wanna be excluded from the the ING NYC Marathon dodge ball team. I would engage in some seriously questionable behavior for a spot. I'm a believer in fate though and when it's my turn - I'll be chosen. But just so you know, I would cover myself in glue, roll in ice cream toppings and herd cats through town if that meant I got a bib number. Just saying....

I was on Facebook the other day and a friend from my running group posted this:

We find time for things that are important to us. Period.

I needed to hear that. It's so simple yet so true. You think??


  1. I entered NYC yesterday too...keeping my fingers crossed..again...good luck to you!

  2. Yay! congrats! I wish we had more medium length races around here. Just long enough to let it all out and feel that you can push it without dying ;-D

    I don't have any desire to run NYC, but I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you! (and if the ice cream/cat thing pans out for you, I expect pictures! ;D)

  3. Awesome, congrats to your friend! I love stories like that!!! I would LOVE to run NYC.. BUT the pricetag :/

  4. I'm loving that you're rocking your Buff! I'm wearing mine right now because I just too Bungee for a walk and it's freaking freezing!

    I hate when you have to start bargaining and tricking yourself during races!

  5. Great way to start the New Year!

    In response to your question - geocaching is pretty much treasure hunting with a gps. People hide shit all over the place. Steve is super into it. I just go along for the ride. http://www.geocaching.com/

    You need to send me your email address. Email me andreawilson70(at)gmail(dot)com

    Happy New Year!! Good luck with the lottery. Oh and if you decide to roll yourself in glue & candy let me know. I will have the camera ready :-)

  6. I'm glad I'm grandfathered in to being picked after 3 strikouts. But part of me will be pretty angry if I don't get in THIS year! What is it about that damn NYC?

  7. My sister in law ran the NYC, and my wife went to cheer her on.. sounds like so much fun! I would like to just be able to work up to running a marathon, no matter where! But once I can do that, I think the NYC will be on my life list.. something you have to do at least once.. I'll add it to the Pikes Peak Marathon.. that one I really want to do.. :-)

  8. 1. seeing you was the best thing ever. seeing Tami achieve something incredible. wow. i felt so lucky to be there and be a part of that. meeting courtney FINALLY. overall...epic start to 2012.
    2. cant wait to see you again soon.
    3. obviously this is your year for NYC. because I registered too. that means. they must take us together. so we can party it up and run together in NYC :)

  9. Hangover Race. Love it.

    I'll cross my fingers that you get picked.

    And, man, I had NO IDEA The Bachelor started up again last night. Crap!

  10. Ya know you CAN get an automatic spot in the NYC if you run faster. You're fast - just do it. Now watch, someone like NIKE will steal that saying as a slogan.

  11. Way to push through it. It's too bad you don't live in Utah because we could be having some pretty sweet foam rolling parties right now! Good luck with NYC. I would love to run that marathon. That is my favorite city in the world!

  12. I entered the lottery too and want it soooo bad as well! Fingers crossed for us both and hope to see you at the starting line this November :)

  13. sorry you were hurting so bad and i hope your neck is feeling better too. i finally went to the md today for some muscle relaxers so hopefully that'll take care of it!

    i think you should get into nyc for the cat herding comment alone!

  14. Congrats on the 10-miler, that wind was wicked! I found our neighbor's patio chairs in our backyard.

  15. That wind sounds terrible. I hate running in wind more than just about anything!! But still sounds like a fun race with so many friends.

    Hope you get into NYC this year....fingers crossed!