Thursday, December 22, 2011

What would you do?

One of my New Years Resolutions is to give up Facebook. The only thing holding me back is the fact that all my photos are lodged in there like my own little online scrapbook, plus I like being able to go back to them and reminisce. Well, there's that and I'm able to keep up with my running group.

Why do I want to give it up? I asked myself that question a couple times. Then I realized, it was the plethora of information and feelings that I was inhaling upon logging in. Someone was sad, someone was happy, someone was shopping for rare garden gnome's, etc. Sooooo much information. Then I remembered a scene from Bruce Almighty. Remember when he would log onto his email and it was full of prayer requests?? Soon thereafter he was covered in post-it notes? It was emotional overload. I feel much the same way. My head is full of enough junk and when I log on, I feel everyone elses thoughts pouring into my already overflowing brain. For heaven's sake, I'm still Christmas shopping.

Other than those items, I have no reason to hang on.... till recently. I normally log on about once a week, do the quick mouse scroll down the screen and log off. But about a month ago something caught my eye.

Someone posted this question:

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail??

It has to be one of the best questions I've heard all year. It goes right to the core of every human beings innate desire to live life to the fullest. No sooner than I read it, I had already dreamed up about three things that I wanted to do. Humor me.

I, would open a children's bookstore. Just like the Shop Around the Corner from You've Got Mail. I love children's books. My business would thrive, kids would trolley in and out my shop doors with books under their arms, smiles on their faces. I even have a store picked out in town where I would put it! Yes, I'm a dreamer.

Second, I would try out to be the kicker for an NFL team. Then I would make the team because A. I'm athletic and B. In this scenario, "I can't fail". Unlike the guy in the picture I don't want to play for the Colts, as much as they could use my help right now.

So, I pass the question along to you.

What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail??


  1. Win an ironman. Hey, I can't fail, right? I'm pretty sure I could rest on those laurels for the rest of my life.

  2. I never started Facebook. Sometimes I regret it, but most of the time I'm kinda glad. I would learn to fly if I knew I couldn't fall. Oh ... FAIL ... well, I don't know - maybe take Chemistry again.

  3. I am a crackbook addict, I admit it..I can't stop right now...what a waste of time eh?
    Well...what would I do if I could not fail?? Hmm I would circumnavigate around the world in my beautiful sailboat.. :)

  4. That is a GREAT question.. love the bookstore idea... I'd start a organic whole food restaurant.. with a bookstore attached.. and a coffee shop.. and.. :-) I was going to say the Pikes Peak Marathon, but I intend to do that in 2013 and I already know I won't fail..

    As for Facebook... would be tough to give up. I work from home, and its kind of my social outlet.. I can't walk to coworkers cubes, or gather around the water cooler.. etc.. my wife though feels it has taken up too much time.. and yes, gets overwhelmed by the info.. so she is going to cut the cord in Jan... at least for a bit..

  5. I haven't started facebook and are glad at times that I haven't.

    I was QB in highschool on our powerpuff team. It was LOVE!!

    Right now, I would have to say that I would play the lotto and WIN....since my checking account has been drained with Christmas depositing 78million doesn't sound so bad. Then I could do ALOT of things!

  6. Never had a Facebook account...but know enough to "creep" my kids and keep an eye on things.

    No failure.....good question, don't know? Never learned much by not failing once or twice along the way.

  7. Great post! I know exactly what you mean by being overwhelmed by other peoples thoughts. I was thinking of facebook and blogs when I was reading your post. While I like both facebook and blogs to keep in touch with others, sometimes it is a little overwhelming with all the thoughts people post out there sometimes. Maybe that's why I sometimes take a break from reading facebook and blogs for a bit to relax.

    For doing something that I know I could not fail - I'd go with being a marathon runner in the Olympics, that would be an amazing experience.

  8. I used to have the same facebook dilemma- then I started unsubscribing to the people that I didn't want to hear from anymore. (Whether it was because of constant whining or otherwise). Facebook life is better now. I love it so I can stay in contact with all of my family.

    I don't know about that question. I know I would be an amazing mother. That's the most important thing I care about. I really hate going to bed thinking I've failed as a mother sometimes. I just want to be the best I can.

  9. The way you feel about Facebook is how I sometimes feel about blogging.

  10. That is a great question and I dont know!?!?! My first cheesy thought was to play the lottery every week, since I couldnt fail, I would be uber rich and go from there

  11. your wish about seeing more donut pics has been granted, check out my latest post! haha

  12. Don't do it....I like seeing your pics on FB :)

    If I couldn't fail I would open some kind of bakery and bake my little heart out. That would be awesome! Oh, and it wouldn't make me fat....I can't fail remember.

  13. Such a big question!! So many things in life I could apply this to so I'll just stick to athletics... If I knew it wouldn't fail, I would probably go for the big one: Ironman.

  14. I def go back and forth on the fb thing.. I think really I'm wasting so much time on this crap

  15. I think the same thing about FB at times, but I so rarely get on and I just scroll through a couple pages and then I get off. But I do like to stalk my kids and their friends :).

    I saw that question, too, and thought about it for a long time (I was trying to pick just one thing) and I thought: would it be my career? My running? To be the best parent out there? I can't decide.

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday!!

  16. First, kudos for wanting to give up FB. Lately, I think I could do it because I've been so busy! But I know I never actually would go through with it.

    Second, I love the idea of a children's bookstore and being an NFL kicker! I think I would open a restaurant that served meals that had been adjusted from comfort food to healthier versions. With a bakery inside of course! :)